Using EMDR to Powerfully Support Your Clients

I would like to support you in taking the time with each client to develop a plan to accomplish short-, medium- and long-term goals so that you both know where you’re headed and how you’ll know when you get there. As an EMDR Therapist, I offer you three important qualities:

1) Experience

I’ve worked with families, children, adults, and couples for 40 years. With the Boulder County Social Services Intensive Family Therapy Team for 26 years, I helped hundreds of families with a wide variety of problems like coping with defiant teens, healing from family trauma, and helping adopted children with attachment challenges. I specialize in treating current and past traumas, PTSD, the emotional issues surrounding TBI and medical conditions, and helping families overcome adoption challenges. I’ve also served active-duty soldiers and their families from Ft. Carson, Colorado.

2) Hope

A crucial gift that you can provide to your clients is hope, based on your solid knowledge and skill. Then you can effectively support each client’s desire to change and work hard to help them achieve the change the hope for. Hope is an essential component of change; it helps them move forward even when they feel stuck or discouraged. I’ll join with you as your Consultant to help you transform their hope for change into reality.

3) Trust

To grow as a therapist, you need to trust that as your EMDR Consultant I will listen carefully to you, be honest and direct, and guide you toward the mastery you want to attain. I’m fully committed to you if we work together. I strive to meet the highest professional standards including respect for your professional decisions, and honesty about my limitations. If I’m not the right Consultant for you, I’ll help you find that person. My objective to create a deep, trusting consulting relationship that can help you advance in your integration of EMDR skills and broad-based therapy approaches.