Group and Individual Consultation

Group Consultation

1) General Group Consultation:

1 1/2 Hour Group Consultation, limited to 5 consultees, $55/ person.

Group format:

My Group Consultations are closed groups, meaning that I have interviewed the members and determined that each is committed to attending the group as often as they can. There is no drop-in format. When a group member leaves, I interview new potential members to assess their suitability for the group and let the group discuss and agree to their suitability.  The group atmosphere of support and non-competition is very important to me for everyone to feel comfortable presenting cases and discussing clinical issues. 

Group starts on time. Members ‘bid’ for time at the beginning of the group, requesting a certain amount of time they will need that day to present their EMDR cases or to get questions answered. Group atmosphere is supportive at all times. I continually encourage group feedback and ideas from the other group members. As the consultant, I ultimately have the final say on the clinical aspects of every case presented and how EMDR fits into the case.

EMDR case presentation forms are encouraged when presenting a case.

I am happy to present on a certain aspect of EMDR procedure or clinical content, as long as the members’ clinical cases are attended to. Handouts such as specific protocols or target memory forms are always available at the time of the group or can be forwarded to members after the group. Articles and/or books are often recommended.

Each member signs a contract before they enter a group that: 1) clarifies the member’s goals and expectations; and 2) clarifies the group expectations for membership including late/cancellation policy, payment policy, and group support approach.

2) Certification Group Consultation:

1 Hour Group for 2 people, $60/person; 90 minutes for 3 people, $60/person.

Certification groups are very structured and have a focus for each group based on certain aspects of the 8-phase, 3-prong EMDR treatment model. Consultees may or may not present a case, but if they do, the consultation is based on the standards and expectations for certification as described by EMDRIA. Consultees are allowed 10 Certification groups to count toward 10 of their minimum 20 hours toward certification. Each member signs a group certification contract as well as an individual certification contract.

Individual Consultation

1) General Individual Format:

1 hour Individual General Consultation, $115.

An initial interview in person or on the phone is important to clarify the consultee’s needs and expectations for their EMDR consultation. The consultee will be given the choice to use the EMDR case presentation form that is helpful to focus the case information into EMDR terms.

I freely hand out forms, protocols, and copies of relevant articles that are helpful to your cases and general EMDR skill development. Examples of forms include those I’ve created for the assessment phase, AIP-based case conceptualization forms and treatment planning including targeting sequence plans.

Every individual consultee signs a contract at the beginning of their consultation that clarifies: 1) the consultee’s goals and expectations for their consultation; 2) the consultant’s expectations of the consultee; and 3) the late/cancellation policy and payment policy.

2) Certification Consultation:

1 hour Individual Certification Consultation, $115.

Consultation for individual certification hours will be structured and organized according to specific aspects of the 8-phase, 3-prong treatment model of EMDR therapy. Consultees can choose to complete all of the certification hours individually. Each consultee signs an individual certification contract. Even if a consultee has completed 10 hours of their certification consultation hours in a group context, all certification consultees need to complete at least 10 hours of individual certification consultation. 20 hours is always the minimum number, and if the Consultant assesses that the consultee has not yet mastered the expectations of the certification status, they will recommend additional hours of consultation.