EMDR Consultation is the Most Effective Way to Improve your EMDR Skills

1) I am highly experienced.

I have provided psychotherapy full time since 1984 and was trained in EMDR therapy in 2008. Since basic training, I have attended many advanced EMDR trainings as described in My Professional Biography. I am fully prepared to guide consultees in applying the basic EMDR 8-phase, 3-pronged protocol model, and to address many other clinical challenges you may face. I have worked extensively with specialized populations including traumatized children, military veterans, single incident and complex PTSD, addictions, and health/medical issues including Traumatic Brain Injury. I have also treated clients suffering from early pre-verbal trauma.

After completing EMDR basic training, I attended an EMDR consultation group, then moved to individual consultation with an EMDRIA Approved Consultant twice monthly for the duration of my EMDR therapy practice. This consistent consultation allowed me to fine tune my skills in utilizing EMDR therapy. Through extensive practice experience, I observed significant benefits from EMDR therapy for my clients recovering from a wide variety of relational, physical and sexual trauma.

2) My EMDR work is carefully organized.

In utilizing EMDR therapy with clients, I am very goal-oriented which empowers clients to know what they are working toward and how they will get there. Each client has a comprehensive treatment plan and understands how EMDR therapy will help them, including how their target memories are organized and sequenced for treatment. Read more about how I organize my three phase approach to EMDR treatment by clicking on that link in the menu above.

Accordingly, I encourage my EMDR Consultees to become very precise in goal setting and goal attainment with their clients. During consultations I provide multiple written tools and “how to” pointers developed during my own work or created by other EMDR experts. These help you to design an effective process with each client.

It is most effective to customize your EMDR treatment for each person you serve. I can guide you based on my extensive experience how best to utilize each phase and and plan your overall treatment to assist you in addressing challenging problems ranging from military trauma to motor vehicle accidents to complex PTSD with severe dissociation.

3) I provide experienced and collegial support.

It is natural that each of us begins EMDR therapy practice with some level of anxiety about applying this complex technology, and you will encounter challenging cases throughout your career. It’s daunting to manage a comprehensive therapeutic approach and to apply the depth of your information and knowledge to individual client sessions. Even with a few years of EMDR therapy practice behind you, some clients situations will challenge you and can make you feel like a novice.

I understand these feelings and will stand behind you all the way, providing support and steady guidance as someone who has faced many of these same clinical situations. Being a therapist can be lonely and isolating at times and taking responsibility for the people that you treat requires consistent support from someone who “gets it”. I would like to support you.

4) I created Charlotte EMDR Consultation to  share what I have learned.

It has been my privilege to receive extensive training from wonderful EMDR therapy trainers and mentors and to apply that knowledge with hundreds of clients in a Social Services Agency, a Veteran Mental Health Clinic, Specialized Residential Trauma Treatment Workshops, and in private practice. As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, my objective is to leverage my deep training and experience to help you extend and enhance your therapeutic impact with each person you serve. As a community of specially trained EMDR therapy professionals, we are in a position to help many clients to experience an improved quality of life less burdened by difficult and tragic life events. With the benefits of telehealth technologies, I’m able to share my expertise with therapists in the Carolinas, Colorado, and beyond. If you would like to learn more about my EMDR Consultation services please fill out the form on my Contact Me page.